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Creative Designs using Sharpie Markers

This Sharpie art is called "Lend A Hand" by Jennifer Hammitt

Top 10 Sharpie Art <-- Click that link for more!

If you are not familiar with Sharpie, read on... source: Wikipedia

Sharpie is a brand of disposable marking pens and tools manufactured by Sanford and sold in Australia, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and parts of Europe.

Uniquely Singapore: Day 2 - Tampines Mall and IKEA

Since Randy, the host, need to work on this day and Ate Sharon is not yet familiar with other SG's tourist destinations we decide to go to the nearest mall from their flat to Tampines Mall and of course to IKEA, one of the reasons why I love Singapore more. Haha!

I bought 2 new lamps and a some box organizers. After the IKEA shopping I finally decided that if given a chance to live inside the IKEA store, I would. LOL.

That is the IKEA lamp I bought for only S$4.75 (I think).

At Tampines Mall, we bought J.Co donuts. Bestest donut ever tasted!!! Sorry no photo, donuts were too delicious I couldn't take a single photo. =D
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